personal painting portfolio

My work is that of anSANDA MARIA CIORNA artist’s imagination, fantasy, parallel universes, sequences of the unconscious, dream. I want my art to express thousands of facets of my inner world, all the states of the soul and to capture the colours of the experiences we live every day. Inside my soul is always an explosion of emotions and feelings that will occur outside in colours, lines, spots. Painting ┬áis the best way to express myself. Topics as Entrances in parallel worlds, Sequences, You have the courage to live to the fullest, Impressions, Revelation, The Mystery of Balance, Freedom, Catch Me, Fresh, Pure Energy are subjects expressed into a series of my paintings. The lyrical abstract expressionism is the closest of my artistic way of existence and experience. My paintings show the passion and the competence invested in their implementation and the quality of the light that emanates from the completed work of art. Each painting represents a new step towards my spiritual growth, starting from searching myself and my own style.

The mixed media, acrylic, oil, collage, graphic technique, each of them are also ways of expressing myself through my paintings.